ClockTower Editing

ClockTower Editing provides copy editing and proofreading services.

I work with the author to retain their author voice throughout their manuscript.


Copy editing (Standard) – $0.004 per word

Copy editing (Hard edit) – $0.006 per word

Proofreading – £0.003 per word

Sample edit

I am willing to provide you with a sample of my work free of charge. You will need to send me a 2000-word sample of your book to, which will give me a chance to get to know your style and for you to see how I work with your content. If we are both happy with the result, you can book your place with me. Please contact me before sending your sample.

Editing terms

  • My turnaround time will vary dependent on the length of the work provided by the client. Please contact me for further information.
  • My diary will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • If for any reason I believe I will not make the deadline I have agreed to, I will contact you immediately to discuss our options.
  • I would require a Microsoft Word document of your manuscript. I will comment using Track Changes.
  • Copy Editing will include incorrect use of regional English, incorrect number usage, incorrect grammar, suggestions for word usage, continuity errors, spelling and punctuation errors and flow of the story.
  • Proofreading will include grammar, spelling and punctuation errors; inconsistencies in capitalisations or word usage and point of view inconsistencies.
  • This inclusion list is not exhaustive. I will comment on anything I think may be of use to you, some of which may not be within the same service level.
  • Payment should be made via PayPal or Wise. A 30% deposit of the expected word count is required upon signing the contract, and clients will receive a balance invoice on the day the final edits are completed.
  • All your details will be kept confidential unless you agree otherwise. I will ask if you would be willing to be identified as a past or current client and if you would write a review about my services. You are welcome to decline; it will not affect our working relationship.
  • Your manuscripts are always solely your own.
  • Your personal information will be stored only for accounting purposes, for example, to prepare invoices and quotes and to identify manuscript owners.
  • Please read the contract (available upon request) for all terms.