Crush follows everyday people through their lives, finding love, overcoming barriers, working together to find their Happily Ever After. You will find that some of these have a slightly darker side to them.

All books are standalone and do not need to be read in order, although for the best experience, please do! 😉

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Love Conquers – James & Richard

Two men whose love has stood the test of time, through troubling times to defining moments, watch James and Rich as they hold on to the one person who means more than anything else in the world.

This is a 7,500 word short prequel into the Crush series.

Instant Desire – Sean & Asher

Will his past stop him from accepting their future?

Sean doesn’t need anyone. They only leave anyway, so what’s the point. He has his job, his home and socialises with people who don’t expect too much from him. It’s all he needs. When he’s hired by Asher, he can’t deny the pull he feels towards the client. It’s not what he wants, though. Is it?

Asher became guardian of his niece when his sister died several years ago. A failed relationship taught him that he didn’t have time to date and bring up a young child, as well as run a business. Hiring an architect is the first step to separating his personal and professional life. He doesn’t expect to fall for the man. Especially one as haunted as this one is.

Loss has a way of changing how people view the world, but can it bring together two souls to create a future full of happiness?

This is a single father, low angst romance.

Primary Seduction – Max & Trent

Will their differences be too vast, or can opposites truly attract?

Trent is being pulled in too many directions when all he wants to do is lose himself in someone for a night. His ex-wife wants to take him for every penny, his two kids are too busy to see him. Meeting Max confuses everything, including his heart. When Max calls him for help, Trent doesn’t hesitate, even when it throws him into a lifestyle he has no idea about.

Max has everything he’s ever wanted: own business, membership to an exclusive BDSM club, friends to socialise with. So why is he pining for a man who is not only straight, but that he has nothing in common with? He has no choice but to call Trent when he’s beaten and left for dead. When Trent arrives, their lives are irrevocably changed.

Are they able to see past their contrasting personalities to try for a future?

This is an MM romance with an age gap, hurt/comfort and sexual awakening.

Deep Down – Craig & Alex

A hurt/comfort, high-angst, MM romance which includes a male domestic abuse storyline.

What happens when he realises he’s living a lie?

Balance is important for Craig. It keeps his life ticking along without incident. His life is not as picture perfect as it appears from the outside, and when he has to be patched up at the hospital several times, people begin to talk. But what are they talking about? His boyfriend is his rock, his life, his…abuser? It doesn’t make sense.

A busy hospital is Alex’s dream. It’s where he is most comfortable, and his social life suffers because of it. When he has to deal with a patient who appears ignorant of the signs of abuse, he can’t leave it alone. Alex is able to heal Craig’s body, but nothing makes Craig see what’s right in front of him. 

When Alex does reach out, Craig’s boyfriend sees him as a threat, and Craig’s carefully balanced life falls apart – under the fists of the man who has promised to love him.

Can love heal all wounds, or does the brain need time to catch up with the heart?

*This book contains sensitive material that could be a trigger for some*

A Crush for Christmas – Colton & Ioan

A transatlantic MM romance with low angst, major decision-making needed and a love of family.

Will the width of the Atlantic wash away the potential for love?

Colton is striving to make his business flourish. With no family left in New York to support him, he has to rely on himself and his best friends to live a full life. It doesn’t stop him from saving every dime to visit his mother in the UK at Christmas. What he doesn’t expect is to find a man who lights up his life like a Christmas tree.

Ioan loves Christmas and spending the holiday helping the residents of the nursing home to enjoy themselves is amazing. But he feels like he’s missing something. When a resident’s son arrives for his annual visit, Ioan can’t help but notice. Looking is all he’ll do, though. He’s learned his lesson about long-distance relationships, and he won’t go there again.

Are they willing to give a transatlantic relationship a try, or is it doomed to fail?

Life Support – Casey & Luke

What do they have left when their safety and self-worth are compromised?

Casey’s usually bubbly, cheeky demeanour is diminished by sexual harassment from a colleague. Becoming scared for his safety, he seeks out a trainer to teach him how to escape. Withholding the secret is stifling, but there’s no other option if he wants to keep his job. Spilling the secret to an almost stranger changes his life in a way he never thought possible.

Luke spends his time training people in physical evasive tactics. He loves his job but feels inferior to his more successful siblings. How can he compete with lawyers, police officers and teachers? When Casey comes to him for training, Luke knows he’s hiding a secret. Finally, Casey confides in him, and it leads to something neither planned for. 

Can they win the fight against people who bring them down?

Covert Strength – Zak & Kenzo

A single father receives more than he bargained for in the shape of an ex-military man in this emotional, low angst MM romance.

Can one night change their entire future?

Zak’s son means more to him than anything or anyone else. He refuses to allow another person the opportunity to hurt them. One night stands are all he can afford – emotionally and physically. When one night turns into more than he bargained for, he is blindsided in more ways than one.

Kenzo was honorably discharged from the military when he was in an accident. Adrift, he focuses on what he can do to help those in a similar situation. But hiding his roommate’s condition is taking its toll. One night with Zak turns his world upside down, and he finds he can’t go back to the way things were before.

What happens when secrets unfold and trust is tested to its limit?

Love Scene – Eric & Samuel

A stressed lawyer finds relief in the form of a Daddy and little relationship, but not the ordinary kind. A low angst MM romance.

Can a younger Daddy persuade an older little to love and trust?

Eric can have anything and everything he wants, but what he truly wants is hard to come by: trust and love. The only people he believes in are his siblings and the owners of the clubs he visits, who are bound by their confidentiality. He doesn’t need his Daddy status plastered over the media…although he finds himself willing to go to great lengths when he finds his ideal little in an older man.

Samuel is living his worst nightmare: his ex-husband cheated on him with a colleague. The stress of his job takes him to breaking point until Eric shows him what life could be like. Samuel finds the transition to being a little easier than he’d expected, but he can’t cope when he’s left alone.

Will their connection prove that they can survive anything or will loneliness win?

Lawful Attraction – Logan & Bastien

An MM romance about life, love, family and beating the odds, especially when it involves a police officer and a dancer.

There’s a fine line between protecting and stalking…

Logan has unwavering loyalty to the law, and when he finds Bastien in a precarious situation, his protective instincts flare up to an all time high. His need to help overshadows everything else, including his sense. Unfortunately, the dancer doesn’t want his help.

What Bastien does for a living doesn’t mean he has no morals. He has to live, and his wages and tips don’t always cover everything. He’s glad he doesn’t have anyone who relies on him because he can barely make ends meet working all the hours of the day. When a so-called friend turns on him, who does he have left?

Can they put their differences aside and realise what is right in front of them?

Box Sets

Box set 1 contains:

Love Conquers is about two men who create Crush and recall their history.

Instant Desire is what Sean feels when he first meets Asher. Unfortunately, it pushes Sean further away from the man instead of closer. Asher does everything he can to help Sean get past what haunts him, but even though he understands the grief, he can’t wallow in it himself. His niece needs him.

Primary Seduction follows Trent on his bisexual awakening. He never would’ve thought Max would be the one person he wanted. A match flickers to life inside him, and he can’t hold back, even when Max comes complete with a BDSM lifestyle Trent knows nothing about. Trouble comes calling, but his newfound relationship helps him in ways he never expected.

Box set 2 contains:

Deep Down follows the story of Craig who doesn’t realise he’s in a domestic abuse situation until Alex points it out to him. The news rocks Craig’s world because it’s not how he saw his relationship, at least until his boyfriend uses his fists one time too many. Alex is behind Craig every step of the way, and despite how much he cares for Craig, he’s willing to wait as long as Craig needs him to.

A Crush for Christmas is a transatlantic romance. Colton lives in New York, but his mother returned to her home town of Cambridge, UK when his father died. It means he only gets to see her once a year, around Christmas, when he flies the hundreds of miles to be by her side in the nursing home. Ioan, one of her carers, makes things easier for them, and soon Colton realises his visits are about more than just his mother.

Life Support follows Casey as he tries to get a handle on the unwanted attention of one of his colleagues. Feeling scared for his safety, he enlists the help of Luke to train him in evasive manoeuvres. They grow closer, though many things are thrown in their path, not least is the harassment Casey is still receiving. When things go too far, Luke has to help find Casey before the unthinkable happens.

Box set 3 contains:

Covert Strength shows the strength of love cannot be denied. Zak is a newly single father, who wants nothing more than a one night stand to take away some of the loneliness. When that one night turns into more than he bargained for, he struggles to cope. Kenzo tries to be everything to everyone; his previous military position calls for no less, but when the columns of support begins to crumble, who can help him stay strong?

Love Scene follows Samuel as he begins to realise how much he is missing from his life. Stressed by work, home and everything in between, Samuel finds relief in the one thing he hadn’t understood he needed: having a Daddy. When Eric, a high flying celebrity, brings out Samuel’s little side, no one is more surprised than Samuel. Life is never easy, though, and it gets in the way, causing more problems than solutions until Eric gives Samuel the ultimate sacrifice.

Lawful Attraction provides the story of Logan and Bastien. Logan is a police detective, and Bastien a dancer, but when Logan witnesses something he shouldn’t, he can’t help himself. Bastien continues to make ends meet with his several jobs, but when he’s placed in a situation he never asked for, he dances for his life. From that moment on, Bastien is thrust into Logan’s world, and neither expects their lives to entwine, but they can’t resist temptation.

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