Daddy focuses on those Daddy and boy relationships that mean so much to us all. The caring, dedicated and tolerant of Daddies and the sweet, obedient and naughty boys.

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Love Me, Daddy – Loren & Nathan

When he’s nothing left to lose, but everything to gain…

Being homeless makes finding a safe Daddy experience difficult, which is confirmed when Nathan is injured after calling out the word during a liaison. When Loren steps in to help, Nathan lets the man take charge, but he won’t ask for what he really needs, not when the reaction could be so extreme.

With many failed relationships in his past, Loren yearns for the perfect boy to cherish, but it’s a fantasy in more ways than one. Nathan’s vulnerability calls to his protective instincts, but he refuses to cross the line until he finds Nathan’s need is very real.

When Loren assumes control, they explore their way through this new dynamic, and Nathan needs to decide if he’s going to be Daddy’s good boy or not.

Meeting in imperfect circumstances, Nathan and Loren end up being exactly what the other needs.

This is a 30,000 words sweet Daddy/boy MM romance

Soothe Me, Daddy – Isaac & Henley

Soothing his boy is a pleasure in more ways than one…

Henley knows what he wants from a relationship: to be taken care of by a Daddy. He’s under no illusions that he can be a handful. When he starts a new job, his gaze is taken to a prime specimen. Maybe Henley could persuade him to be his Daddy…

Isaac is worn out from the clubs, the scenes, the boys who say they want a Daddy then change their minds. When he’s given the responsibility of training the most obedient guy he’s ever met, Isaac is hooked. But does the guy even know what a boy is, despite acting like one?

They are powerless to stop their relationship. They complement each other so well.

Is Isaac the right Daddy for Henley, and is Henley the right boy for Isaac?

This is a 40,000 words sweet Daddy/boy romance

Spoil Me, Daddy – Aaron & Zaire

Can Daddy help his boy become who he’s always wanted to be?

Zaire split his life in two when an argument broke his family apart. Unwilling to risk it happening again, he hides part of himself depending on his situation. It’s only at home he can be who he wants to be without repercussion. He wants – no, needs – a Daddy to settle him, soothe him, spoil him.

Aaron has been searching for a boy for years. Some have come close, but none have completed him in the way he needs. His hopes for a life full of laughter and caring is overshadowed by a lack of boys within their community. He wants a boy to spoil. To love. To cherish.

A chance encounter ends with a verbal reprimand, a second coincidental meeting shows them what’s right in front of them, and the third time’s a charm. Right?

Are they willing to let go of their preconceived notions and allow the other person to fill a gap in their lives?

The Complete Daddy Series

Three stories about the ups and downs of love, life and work within the Daddy/boy lifestyle. 


Love Me, Daddy is a heartwarming tale of being at the right place at the right time and taking a chance on someone. Just because Nathan is homeless doesn’t mean he’s up to no good. Street living is hard, but he does what he needs to. When Loren decides to help him out of a situation, he realises he could have something he never thought he’d be able to.

Soothe Me, Daddy tells the journey of two work colleagues, who try to keep things platonic, but things don’t quite go to plan. Henley is new to the job, but he’s quick to learn and a total charmer, whereas Isaac has been doing the job for a long time and prefers to stick to the rules. Apart they’re indispensable, but together they’re combustible.
Spoil Me, Daddy is a story of fate and coincidence and being willing to fight for what you believe in. Zaire has been hurt many times in the past, so he’s been living two separate lives. When he meets Aaron, he chooses to have what he’s always wanted and what they both yearn for, but someone doesn’t agree with their decisions.

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There is also a Daddy/little book within the Crush series, book 8, which can be read as a standalone story: Love Scene and a new series called Boys, Daddies, Snuggles & More