These are inter-connected taboo novellas, but can be read as standalones. These include familial relationships, including but not limited to, father/son, uncle/nephew, brothers, half-brothers, twins, etc.

When Fantasies Collide

When Adrian is given the chance to live out his wildest fantasy, he’s shocked when real life comes calling instead. At war with himself over what he’d done, he pushes Rhys away. The barriers between him and his son seem insurmountable, but Rhys wants to break them down.

When their secret is exposed, who will support them, and who will deny them?

A father / son taboo romance

When Dreams Collide

Niko knows what he wants, and it’s Wyatt, but Wyatt has a secret that threatens to tear them apart before their relationship has even begun. Niko has found someone who wants him for who he is, but the idea that they’re related might be too much for him to handle. When someone from his past threatens him, Wyatt is there to support him in every way.

Is love more important than a familial bond? 

An MM uncle/nephew taboo romance

When Pleasures Collide

Seth yearns for the love he sees around him every day, even if it is just one night where he can pretend. After weeks of Leon flirting with him, Seth finally relents, and their relationship turns into everything they had ever wished for. Until the “meeting the parents” visit throws an unexpected wedge between them. Who knew fate was such a bitch? 

Love should be unconditional, but how can it be when blood gets in the way?

An MM half-brothers taboo romance.

When Cravings Collide

Twins, Scott and Devon, are inseparable. Double dates, double holidays, double celebrations. It’s too much for some of their ex-boyfriends, which is why they’re still single. When Scott finds his feelings for his brother changing, he’s at a loss of what to do until Devon takes matters into his own hands – or rather, mouth. Devon, himself, is shocked by what he did, but he can’t get it out of his mind. When he finds the club Freedom, he realises they may have found their best chance at figuring out what’s going on between them.

One taste is not enough, but can they really ignore the bond they’ve had since birth?

An MM twins taboo romance.

When Hungers Collide

Three sides of an unexpected triangle linked by blood, chance and love.

Carter has kept his feelings secret for years. He resigned himself to his fantasies long ago, but sleeping in a bed with his sons has always been something he’s done to comfort them, even as they grew old enough to do so themselves. It’s getting harder to hide those feelings every day, and he needs to find a solution.

Ridley and Hunter are two sides of the same coin. Ridley is more emotional and anxious, whereas Hunter is the strength. Neither can manage without the other for long, and after having shared the same bed since birth, when one is away, the other struggles with the separation and sleeps beside their dad. 

When Ridley wakes with his father wrapped around him after a drunken night, he considers the possibilities, and they, eventually, cross the line. 

But how can they keep Hunter from finding out? Or do they need to?

An MM father/twins taboo romance.

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