These are the books under the name Elouise R East, which are not taboo in nature but have a dark undertone in the story, such as consensual non-consent, kidnapping, torture, etc. Please heed the trigger warnings HERE

Defying Sanity

Patience is a virtue, so he’s told. But to Vin, patience just means waiting longer. Why wait when he knows he’s going to get it anyway? And besides, an early Christmas gift to himself wouldn’t hurt.

Kyler never expected to wake up with someone else in his bed. After all, he went to sleep alone. When the torment starts, he fights a battle against the man who’s taking what Kyler didn’t want to give.

At least, that’s what he tells himself because who really wants to be tied up and used?

Defying Sanity is a consensual non-consent fantasy with a little blood play and bondage.