These are taboo stories that are standalone and do not cross over with any other series.

Forbidden Temptation - Dexter & Cameron

Dexter has a secret.

Cameron’s plan to lose his virginity sends Dexter into an emotional tailspin. He struggles to keep his distance but, in a fit of anger at Cameron’s behaviour, he crosses the line. 

Dexter’s outburst is out of character. It’s none of his business who Cameron sleeps with. Emotions muddy the water, and soon Cameron has a choice to make.

Can Cameron accept that he is what Dexter needs?

This is a taboo brocest short story.

Too Many Secrets - Ford & Tyler

For the past four years, Ford and Tyler have lived the life many could only ever dream of. There was only one thing casting a shadow over their happiness - the necessity of hiding their relationship from their dad. 

When their father demands a week-long holiday with them, they decide to bottle their feelings back up again. They should be able to manage for seven days, surely.

But they’re not the only one with secrets and hiding proves more difficult than either imagined.

An MM brocest romance.

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