Guarding Royalty

What happens when the people protecting the royals are pulled in different directions? Secrets, lies and fears are rife in these bodyguards’ lives, but how do they balance their work life with the new romantic relationships they never expected to have? Follow these men as they find out how much they’re willing to risk in their search for their happily ever after.

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Protecting his Past – Dominic & Randall

His secrets catch up with him, but luckily, protection is in his blood.

Dominic has big shoes to fill. His promotion to the Lead Protection Officer for the king came at a price no one wants to think about. However, it’s something he is very aware of. When his past comes calling, he has to make even more split-second decisions, and he’s terrified of the potential consequences. Not for himself, but for those he cares about and protects. Including a certain PA who’s never too far from his thoughts.

Randall has been the King’s personal assistant for many years. It’s long hours and extremely busy, but he loves it. Even after being held prisoner by a twisted man hell bent on revenge, it didn’t diminish his love for the job or the people he works for. But he never imagined falling in love. Especially with someone ten years younger than him. But love is love, right?

When Dominic’s secret comes to light, he has to shore his defences against those people who would use it against him. And the harder he falls for Randall, the more chinks in his armour appear.

How can he keep everyone safe when the clock is ticking?

Protecting his Past is a kinky, age gap romance with a handsome, secretive bodyguard and a personal assistant, who thinks he’s too old for love.

Protecting his Heart

Their hearts have been broken too many times.

Owen had never wanted a fancy job, he just wanted to be able to take care of his family. Losing his heart to his best friend was something he’d never expected but was inevitable, nonetheless. Despite the ups and downs of their childhood, when Evan moved to Italy after Owen made a huge mistake, Owen was shell shocked. He focused on protecting the royal family and keeping his feelings to himself. It was the only way he could take another breath…and another.

One thousand miles wasn’t far enough to run from his heart, but Evan couldn’t bring himself to go any further. Or stay away for more than a few years. His family and friends lure him back, but it’s one person alone he needs and cannot stay away from any longer. With a lot to answer for and many apologies to make, he’s not sure where to start. But when things get dicey, they have each other’s back – even if it ends up being the last thing they do.

He has no chance of protecting his heart because it already belongs to his best friend, but how do they survive when someone doesn’t want them to?

Protecting his Heart is a kinky, second chance romance with a grieving bodyguard and a childhood best friend who knows him better than anyone else.

Protecting his Secrets

How close is too close when it comes to who he’s willing to die for?

Nick wants what every person wants – someone by his side through thick and thin. But why does he always pick the duds? Providing levity and protection for his friends and family is his way of loving them, but there’s still someone out there determined to bring them down. While everyone is working hard to find those responsible, someone else is taken as a pawn in their game. And it’s Nick’s turn to fight.

Malachi has worked his whole life to get where he was. His obsession with the royal family stems from a chance meeting when he had been six years old. Despite hating to air their dirty laundry to the world, he eases his conscience by secretly working to show them in a better light. No one knows his alter-ego, but it’s getting harder to hide.

When Nick protects Malachi from becoming another statistic, the reporter is given the chance of a lifetime – but it’s not without its dangers. And they’re soon fighting for their lives.

Protecting his Secrets is a kinky, forced proximity romance with a serious yet funny bodyguard and a reporter who thinks he’s got the inside scoop.

Protecting His Life by Elouise East - Gay Romance Placeholder Book Cover

Protecting his Life

When he loses everything, what does he have left?

Brett has a highly stressful job, but he loves it and the people he works for. His family, however, have made their feelings clear about his career choice. The people who depend on him have been targeted by someone trying to take them out, but so far, they’ve kept one step ahead. But now, as clues point towards someone closer to home, he turns to the one person who has never let him down.

Felix has been in love with his boss since the day he started working for him. It’s unrequited, but Felix can’t help but torture himself every day. He doesn’t have any intention of leaving. At least until someone physically removes him from the vicinity, and when all hope is lost, he clings to the memories of Brett and the whispers of what-ifs. 

When one of their own is taken, they’ll take down anyone to get them back.

Protecting his Life is a kinky, friends to lovers romance with a security boss who doesn’t believe anyone would want him with his past and a cheerful computer genius who wants anything and everything his boss will give him.

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