Illuminate Matchmaking

Illuminate Matchmaking request their clients to trust them completely. In return, the men receive a five-star experience, which includes first-class accommodations aboard a luxury train heading from London to Edinburgh. Each client agrees to a “blind” match, meaning they won’t know their date until they board the train. On the journey that ensues, the men have to decide if to take the chance that Illuminate Matchmaking know what they’re doing. Are you coming along for the ride?

Ignite – Leo & Noah

Have they been matched with their version of perfection?

To everyone he meets, Leo is calm, confident and put-together, but deep inside he feels useless. After too many failed relationships, Leo hands over the reins to a matchmaking company; obviously, he’s unable to choose the right guy by himself.

Noah is a respectable chef who always follows the rules, keeping his head down, just like his parents taught him. Unfortunately, his long working hours make it difficult to find time for pleasure. After a high recommendation, he chooses one final option: a matchmaking company.

When they find out they’ve been matched together, they struggle to leave their misconceptions at the door. But what would happen if they try for more?

A best friends-to-lovers, MM matchmaking story.

Blaze – Drew & Zuba

Who believes in love at first sight?

Drew is a workaholic at a job he loves. Finding no time to socialise, he finally caves and signs himself up for a matchmaking company. He doesn’t hold out much hope, but he’s willing to give it a try.

After looking after his large family for many years, it’s now Zuba’s time to shine. His fashion business is growing every week, but he has never found the person he wants to be with. He has nothing to lose by signing up and allowing someone else to decide for him.

When they meet, sparks turn into a blaze they cannot deny, but is it the right choice for them?

A love at first sight, MM matchmaking novella.

Kindle – Marcus & Levi

Good first appearances are crucial…

Striking out with his own therapy business is Marcus’s dream. Getting clients to take a chance on him, however, is not as easy. So when his sister gives him a ticket to meet a prospective new client on a train to Edinburgh, he accepts. But when he finds out his “client” is actually supposed to be his date, he has to pivot – fast.

Levi’s dream is to stay at home and hibernate. He doesn’t need to leave home to make money – being a voice actor gives him that. But he wants to share his life with someone, and to do that, he needs to find them. Not so easy. He signs up to Illuminate Matchmaking, hoping they’ll take the anxiety out of meeting someone new. 

It’s a shame his date doesn’t want to be there…

A mistaken identity, MM matchmaking novella.

Scorch – Riley & Xander

Nothing like being stood up to make him feel worthy…

Riley has been grieving his lack of love life for long enough, or so his brother tells him. But he’s been on Illuminate’s books for two years already and no match.. Finding someone who loves being tied up while Riley does wicked things to him is easy, but finding someone who is safe to be around his daughter is another thing entirely. When he’s finally matched, the crushing pain he feels when his date is a no-show is hard to bear.

Xander has spent his entire life fending for himself and learning who he is because he has no one to tell him where he came from. Finding himself is still a work in progress, but when he starts working for Illuminate Matchmaking, he can’t help but want what he sees the company achieve every week. Someone to love him for all his flaws and kinks. Someone to love what they see – inside and out.

A shock twist finds Xander on a date he isn’t expecting…

A single dad, hurt/comfort, MM matchmaking novella.

Inferno – Calvin & Reed

When enemies are matched…

Calvin wants nothing more than to retire into the shadows never to return to the limelight again. But he knows that’s not how it works. As an actor whose career has spanned more than thirty years, there is no hope for him to be forgotten. Especially when his arch-enemy mocks him at every conceivable opportunity. One day, he would get his revenge.

…who comes out on top?

Reed always wanted to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. He never understood the need for notoriety, and it grates on his nerves when people act like they’re better than everyone else. Take Calvin Poole, for instance. After thirty years in the business, he would’ve thought Calvin would’ve calmed down, but he looks down on everyone. It’s time to set the record straight.

A enemies to lovers, MM matchmaking novella.