Joey – Chapter 1


Ethan Wright studied the men surrounding him, trying to gauge which ones were gay. Usually, he had good instincts, but sometimes, he was off his game. Tonight, it looked like there wasn’t much for him to get excited about.

“No one?” Christi asked in his ear.

Ethan shook his head. “I might call it a night. I have to work early tomorrow.”

“Aww, no! You can’t come out just to go home early,” she whined. “I need my wingman.”

Ethan chuckled. “No, you don’t. You have enough guys checking you out that you have your pick. Choose one and have fun.” He pressed his lips to her cheek and hugged her before weaving through the crowd towards the door.

Before he could exit, though, a guy sitting at the bar caught his eye. He was of similar build to Ethan, which meant his long-sleeved T-shirt was barely containing his muscles and Ethan could see tattoos peeking out from above the collar. He was a sucker for tattoos. All in all, he looked edible. The question was, was he gay? There was no way to tell from that vantage point, so he slipped closer until he settled against the bar next to him.

Glancing down, he saw more tattoos covering his wrists and hands, and he bit his lip to contain his groan of delight. The guy was turning the beer bottle in place, eyes glued to its movement. Ethan took a chance and stared at him, noting the generous beard hid his lips, in the same colour as his dark hair. His nose had a bump on the bridge, indicating it’d been broken at one point, and his eyebrows were scrunched as if he were in pain or deep in thought.

“Everything okay?” he murmured, leaning on his elbow and turning to face the man fully.

The guy blinked and peered at him for a second before he seemed to register the question. “Oh, yeah.” His beard moved, and Ethan assumed he was attempting a smile. “Lot going on. Thanks.”

“Can I buy you a drink?” Ethan asked.

The man opened his mouth, then closed it, the crease between his eyebrows coming back for a long second before he glanced at Ethan. “Yeah, thanks.”

Ethan thumbed at his beer. “Same again?” The guy nodded, and Ethan placed the order with the bartender. He held out his hand. “I’m Ethan.”

“Joey.” He shook his hand, and Ethan couldn’t deny the literal spark he caught from him. “Ooh, sorry, Bit of static there.”

“It must be my sparkling personality.” Ethan winked, and Joey chuckled and shook his head.

“So what job could hold a candle to your sparkling personality?”

Ethan stood from his lean when the bartender brought their drinks and paid for them before answering. “I’m a hotel receptionist.” He waved his hand. “I know, I know. It doesn’t fit my look, but I enjoy it and I’m good at it.”

Joey raised his eyebrows. “I never said a word.”

Ethan huffed a laugh. “Sorry. I get that all the time and thought I would cut it off before you said it.”

“I can understand getting fed up with the stereotyping. The world would be a much better place if we all listened and talked instead of assuming.”

Joey resumed studying his new beer, though he didn’t turn the bottle this time. Ethan could sense some underlying meaning to his words, and the lost look on his face was back.

“Okay, I’m going to be forward here. I like you, and I think we could have a good time together. Maybe losing ourselves in each other for a night. Trouble is, I can’t get a read on you.” Ethan rested his elbow on the bar again, tilting his head and studying the enigma beside him.

Joey’s eyes flicked to his and held. He worked his jaw for a moment, then nodded as if coming to a decision. “I’d love that.”

“Phew! Thank fuck I didn’t try to pick up a straight guy! Far too many memories of doing that, and I don’t want to anymore.”

Joey’s smile didn’t reach his eyes, but Ethan would take what he could. “Not the best thing to do.”

“Nope. My place or yours?”

“Yours if you’re okay with it?” Joey stood, and Ethan guessed Joey was a couple of inches taller than him. They headed for the exit once Ethan agreed.

“Do you want to follow me or shall I drop you back here afterwards?”

“I’ll follow you. It saves you coming out again later.”

Ethan got into his car and waited for Joey to climb into the monstrosity that was his own. When Joey flashed his lights, Ethan pulled out and headed for home. What made the wave of sadness flow over Joey’s face earlier? He’d love to know, but it also wasn’t his place to ask. He was a one-night wonder in this guy’s bleak life, and he would do whatever he could to make sure Joey had an enjoyable night. It didn’t hurt that Ethan would enjoy it, too. He wanted as much fun in his life as he could cram into it because he wasn’t leaving this world until he couldn’t fit any more in. The world could be a dark and poisonous place, but Ethan refused to cower in it. He could shine bright enough for two people—and tonight, he would.

He parked in front of his house, and Joey pulled up on the road a few doors down. Ethan waited until Joey joined him before unlocking the door and entering.

“Welcome to my humble abode. It’s not much, but it’s mine, which makes it a palace.” He set the keys on the hook behind the door.

“It’s nice.”

“It’s usually bigger, but with two giants in here instead of one, it’s shrunk.” Ethan bit his lip to see if Joey would crack a smile, and Joey rewarded him with a flash of teeth behind the beard. “Would you like a drink?”

“I’m good.” Joey’s gaze pierced him, and Ethan stepped closer, sliding his hands up Joey’s chest to rest on his shoulders.

“You’re sure about this?” he murmured.

In answer, Joey lowered his head and joined their mouths. The scratchiness of his beard was a welcome feeling against his face, but he distractedly hoped his slightly longer-than-usual stubble was enough to reduce the chance of beard burn. If not, he’d have to moisturise the hell out of his skin… His thoughts derailed when Joey’s tongue flicked against his lips, requesting entry, and Ethan’s focus narrowed on where they touched.

Joey slid his arms around his waist, holding him tightly but with a tremble. Was it need or something else? Ethan slipped his hands around Joey’s neck and deepened the kiss, wanting him to forget whatever was troubling him. Their groins rubbed together, and Ethan moaned into the kiss, enjoying the feel and wanting more.

He broke away from the kiss and stepped backwards, not letting go of Joey, which meant he had to move with him. Luckily, he knew the layout of his house, and he got them to the stairs, where he had no choice but to pull away.

“The stairs are a bugger. They’re far too steep,” he explained while panting. He climbed the steps as quickly as he could and turned right into the main bedroom. He spun and grabbed Joey as soon as he closed the door behind him.

Their mouths clashed, and they tore at each other’s clothes. He needed to feel the warmth of Joey’s skin against his own. When they were down to their briefs, Ethan pulled his mouth free, though Joey suckled onto his skin.

“How do you like it?”

Joey licked over the area and lifted his head. “I prefer to top if that’s okay?”

“I love to bottom.” He grinned, his eyes locking onto the canvas of tattooed art in front of him. “Are you into anything else?” He glanced up when there was no answer.

Joey studied him for a long moment before nodding slightly. “I’m a Dom.”

Ethan groaned and dropped his head back. “I hoped you were. Thank fuck.”

“Safe word?” Joey asked, scraping his teeth against his jaw.


“Hard limits?”

Ethan blinked, trying to concentrate. “Whipping, fisting, handcuffs. Anything else is fair game. You?”

“No ropes.”

“Don’t have any,” Ethan gasped when Joey latched on to his nipple.

Ethan’s cock was so hard he was sure he’d blow at the first touch, but he couldn’t help grinding against Joey’s hardness. Joey grasped his thighs and lifted him—which was quite a feat and showed how much he worked out—before depositing him on the bed and crawling over him again. Their mouths met as their bodies thrust, reaching for the ultimate goal. Joey slid his thumbs into Ethan’s briefs and slid them over his dick and down his legs, repeating the action with his own. When he lowered himself back over Ethan, he gripped Ethan’s wrists and held them over his head while their cocks slid and dripped and rubbed against each other.

“Fuck!” Ethan moaned. “Please! Inside me!”

Joey lifted Ethan’s leg around his back, and Ethan whimpered when he settled a smack against his ass. “Pardon?”

Ethan opened his mouth, then hesitated when he met Joey’s gaze. “Please, sir!”

“Much better.” Joey dropped a kiss on his lips. “Condom? Lube?”

Ethan glanced at his bedside table. “Top drawer.”

Joey’s grip tightened on his wrists. “Stay.”

“Yes, sir.”

Ethan bit his lip against the noises that wanted to escape as Joey disappeared for all of ten seconds—he knew it was ten seconds because he counted—and returned with the essentials. Joey remained on his knees, and Ethan splayed his legs, pulling them as wide as he could, hoping to entice Joey to hurry the fuck up.

Joey squirted the lube on his fingers and proceeded to test the limits of Ethan’s restraint while he prepared him. Despite Ethan’s mumbled requests for him to go faster, Joey took his time, which Ethan was truly grateful for when Joey rested the head of his cock against his entrance and pushed forward. Even with Ethan being prepared and bearing down, the head was like a fucking boulder being shoved up his ass. The pressure relented, and Ethan glanced at Joey, who slapped his hip.

“Up and over. Show me that ass.”

Ethan scrambled to his hands and knees, and Joey slid his cock between his cheeks, nudging the head against his pucker several times. Then he pushed forward, and Ethan bore down until the head popped past his ring. Ethan panted, and Joey froze, running his hands up and down his back and sides, calming him.

It took him a minute or two before the pain receded, but then he nudged back, wanting more. Joey complied, slowly thrusting and withdrawing in small increments. Ethan lost track of how long they danced before their hips met. Now all the way in, Joey leaned forward, bracketing Ethan with his arms and kissing his back and shoulders. Ethan turned his face to the side, and they kissed. Their tongues met and explored while Ethan relaxed into the feeling.

He exhaled. “Fuck, sir. You’re huge.”

Joey chuckled, the sound vibrating through Ethan’s body. “I am. I would say sorry—”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Ethan spat. “Sir,” he added.

He could feel Joey’s smile against his shoulder. “Are you ready?”

“To be split in half? Of course. I’m always ready.”

The heat against his back disappeared, only to bloom on his ass cheek when Joey’s hand met his skin, and he bit his lip as the warmth spread to his cock. Joey withdrew slowly, his shaft igniting the nerve endings in Ethan’s channel. Ethan groaned and hung his head, his finger clawing into the bed with some idea of holding onto his sanity. Joey paused, then slid back in just as slowly, sending waves of pleasure crashing over Ethan. When he did it again, this time stopping almost fully withdrawn, he slapped and soothed Ethan’s ass alternately before sliding deep once more.

Ethan dropped his head to the bed, putting his hands against the headboard to stop him from banging his head with every slam of Joey’s hips against his own. He couldn’t even reach for his cock to stroke it—not that he thought he needed to. If he had any inkling of his own body, he would believe he’d come hands-free if Joey kept up the pace.

“Hands behind your back,” Joey growled, and Ethan could do no more than obey. His body wasn’t his own. It was Joey’s to command.

Joey gripped his wrists in one hand and pounded into him, the slap of their skin loud, and Ethan had a brief moment of wonder about what the neighbours would think, then he didn’t care because Joey let go of his wrists and lifted Ethan’s body upright. He was sitting on Joey’s dick.

Their mouths met in a frantic need, and Ethan wanted to wrap his hand around his cock, but he’d not been told he could. Joey’s hips circled as they kissed, and Ethan moaned, gripping Joey’s muscular thighs. Joey’s hand tightened on Ethan’s neck while his other encircled Ethan’s shaft.

All it took was three strokes, and Ethan tensed, then flew over the edge, gasping into Joey’s mouth while his brain went on hiatus. When the contractions ended, he slumped in Joey’s arms.

“That was fucking beautiful. My turn.” Joey groaned. He kept his hold on Ethan, circling his hips faster and harder, then tucked his face into his neck and held himself still and deep as he growled his release.

“Holy fuck!” Ethan said, not wanting to move from their position but knowing the bubble that surrounded them would pop soon.

Joey kissed up the column of his neck and along his jaw until he met his mouth. Their tongues danced as Joey moved them, pulling free from Ethan’s body. Ethan winced but gasped when Joey’s fingers filled him. He was tender, but Joey massaged him from the inside, rubbing his fingers along his channel. Ethan trembled, his mouth gaping, while Joey worked him over. Joey pecked a kiss on his lips and withdrew completely. Ethan dropped to the bed, letting his limbs fall wherever, exhausted.

“Holy schmoly,” he mumbled.

“Where’s your bathroom?” Joey asked.

Ethan dragged his arm up the bed and pointed at another door. The toilet flushed, and the water ran before Joey returned, the bed dipping by Ethan’s hip.

“Let me clean you,” Joey murmured.

“Mmm,” was all he could manage.

A warm flannel wiped across his stomach, groin and ass. Then Joey pulled the covers from beneath him, and Ethan half-heartedly rolled to his side to make it easier. When the covers fell over him, he snuggled down.

“Ethan, you need to drink,” Joey said.

Ethan blinked repeatedly, then gave up and reached for the drink with his eyes closed.

“Let me help.”

An arm came around his back and lifted him. He lolled back against him, and Joey held the bottle to his lips. Ethan curved his mouth around the opening and sipped the cool liquid until he’d had enough. He rubbed his cheek against Joey’s chest.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll leave this on the bedside table.” Joey pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Thank you for a wonderful night.”

Ethan sank back into bed, smiling, and when his alarm woke him the next day, Joey was gone.

He knew the way things were supposed to be. No one stayed over uninvited, but Ethan wouldn’t have kicked him out of bed. At least until he had to go to work. He groaned and rubbed both hands over his face. He didn’t want to work now. He wanted to stay in dreamland and remember what a magnificent night he’d experienced. Would he ever see Joey again? It was unlikely as he’d never seen him before. Joey was probably just passing through.

Ethan climbed from bed and stood under the shower spray, thoughts of Joey not far from his mind as he went through his usual routine. After he’d dressed and had breakfast, he locked his house and got in his car. He’d never had a problem brushing thoughts of one-nighters from his mind before, but Joey wouldn’t leave.

He turned the radio up as loud as he could stand, tapping his fingers to the beat and singing the odd bar, and pretended he wasn’t thinking about the man. Even when he passed the club they met at the previous evening and saw Joey’s car in the car park, he thought he was imagining it. He continued driving but slowed down, finally turning down a side road and going back on himself. He pulled into the club’s car park and stopped a distance away.

Why was Joey’s car here? The club wasn’t open until that evening, and there was nothing around here, not even houses. Ethan’s mind conjured the sadness in Joey’s expression, and he couldn’t leave without checking on him.

Decision made, he switched off the engine and climbed out, wandering closer and closer. There was no movement, and no one sat in the front seats. He peered into the back seat and frowned. A mountain of fabric lay haphazardly, but a tuft of brown hair against pale skin nestled among it.

He gently knocked against the window, not wanting to scare whoever it was. The head popped up, and grey slate eyes peered at him, the crease between Joey’s eyebrows more defined.

Why was Joey sleeping in his car?

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