Life in Ink

Life in Ink is a tattoo shop in London, but the artists do not just work from there. Occasionally, their work takes them around the country and, sometimes, even abroad. Life on the road is not easy, but when they meet the one they’re supposed to be with, trouble is the least of their worries.


Joey is hiding. Hiding from his family. Hiding from his friends. And especially hiding from the media. But when he finds himself aided by a man who was supposed to be a one-night stand, he can’t summon the energy to fight. 

Ethan knows nothing about Joey. Other than that he’s good in bed. Welcoming this stranger into his house probably wasn’t his wisest choice, but there’s something about him. He’s trusting his instincts, and they haven’t let him down yet.

When Ethan finds out the truth and the media come calling, Joey expects to be shoved to the curb. But Ethan surprises him – which shouldn’t surprise him at all. Ethan never does what any other person would. He’s a law unto himself.

And just what Joey needs.

Joey is a BDSM, kink-loving story about two men who take a chance and reap the rewards.

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Beck doesn’t need anyone but the family he’s found in his colleagues at Life in Ink. He might need a body to warm his bed some nights, taking the control he needs, but that’s all. After all, if he didn’t get close to anyone, they couldn’t leave, right? 

Kole loves his job as a ghost walk tour guide, but after a one-night stand attacked him, he lost some of his love for it. When he offers to help his best friend during a tattooing event, something blossoms inside him. But it has nothing to do with one of the artists, right?

Sparks fly between Beck and Kole, and when it becomes too much, their restraint snaps. 

One night is all they expect, but what they get is so much more. 

Beck is a BDSM story of a tattoo artist who fears the rejection he so often receives and a scared tour guide who doesn’t believe he can trust his instincts.

This book is being given to my newsletter subscribers via one chapter every two weeks in 2024.