Just A Little Crush

Just A Little Crush follows new characters that may interact with the characters from the original Crush series by having those characters dropping in, locations used or even mentioning a character’s name or conversation.

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First Kiss – Charlie & Josh

Charlie is living the life he wants, except for one thing: he needs someone to take his virginity. Working his way up the management ladder at Crush doesn’t leave much time for hooking up. The support he receives from his family means everything to him, but they can’t help him with this.

Josh had plenty of time to sow his oats at college, but he chose to stay true to his boyfriend. An art student with a place at university waiting for him, he has little to complain about until he finds his boyfriend in a compromising position. After ending their relationship, he seeks comfort in his family – the one thing that never lets him down.

Every corner exposes new secrets, which shake the foundations of the family. Charlie and Josh find solace in one another, crossing boundaries they never expected to. But between blackmail and assault, what are they even fighting for? And who will stand with them?

Find out what happens when they knock down the first domino in a long line of changes set to test their loyalty and put them on a path neither anticipated.

He’s Behind You – Declan & Micah

An MM romance about sexual awakening and the joy of Christmas

Will the magic of the pantomime rub off on its performers?

Declan has been acting, singing and dancing since he could walk, but nothing comes close to the thrill of working in a pantomime with the beauty and wonder of Christmas around him. When Declan trades kisses with a younger actor, he panics and pulls away.

Micah loves the theatre. Everything about it sings through his blood. Falling for his co-star was not in his plan, but maybe he can find love this Christmas. When they begin their performances, Declan’s behaviour throws that idea into the wind until Micah becomes ill, and Declan is the one to nurse him back to health.

Can they leave their expectations at the door and build something magical?

A Special Love – Heath & Rory

What happens when you add a vet, a shelter worker and a gorgeous Pug named Spencer?

As a vet, Heath interacts with many people, but no one who could become more. Every date or relationship he has had fizzled out. He wants someone who enjoys the same things he does and who doesn’t feel like hanging out with him is a chore. Everyone tells him to be patient, but he’s fed up with waiting.

Moving to an area where he knew no one is perhaps not Rory’s best idea. He jumps at the opportunity to escape the disappointed looks he receives daily from his parents. Four hundred miles later, Rory needs to find some friends. As much as he is happy with the company of the dogs at his shelter, he needs more.

Can they find what they’re looking for?

Three Thirds – Carlton, Nolan & Klaus

When Carlton receives more attention that he feels he deserves, he doesn’t know what to do with it. How can he survive two men wanting him?

An extended version will be available soon

Sweet Truths – Theo & Jasper

Theo is an amazing baker and spends his early mornings creating delicious desserts for the customers. He becomes obsessed with a customer who visits the bakery every day and sits with his laptop and works. Theo knows nothing about this guy, not even his name. Then some weird stuff begins to happen around him; almost as if he has a stalker.

Scared for his life, he realises the focus of his obsession has just up and disappeared, sending Theo into heartbreak. With help from the police and an unlikely ally, Theo’s problems are resolved.

Or so he thought…

An extended version will be available soon