Crush Collection Volume 1: Books 1 to 3 – eBook Edition


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Crush is not just a bar…it’s a family.

Volume 1 contains:

Love Conquers is a prequel to the Crush series. See how the bar came to be.

Instant Desire is what Sean feels when he first meets Asher. Unfortunately, it pushes Sean further away from the man instead of closer. Asher does everything he can to help Sean get past what haunts him, but even though he understands the grief, he can’t wallow in it himself. His niece needs him.

Primary Seduction follows Trent on his bisexual awakening. He never would’ve thought Max would be the one person he wanted. A match flickers to life inside him, and he can’t hold back, even when Max comes complete with a BDSM lifestyle Trent knows nothing about. Trouble comes calling, but his newfound relationship helps him in ways he never expected.

MM romances where love wins over everything. Everyone is welcome at Crush

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