Crush Collection Volume 2: Books 4 to 6 – eBook Edition


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Crush is not just a bar…it’s a family.

Volume 2 contains:

Deep Down follows the story of Craig who doesn’t realise he’s in a domestic abuse situation until Alex points it out to him. The news rocks Craig’s world because it’s not how he saw his relationship, at least until his boyfriend uses his fists one time too many. Alex is behind Craig every step of the way, and despite how much he cares for Craig, he’s willing to wait as long as Craig needs him to.

A Crush for Christmas is a transatlantic romance. Colton lives in New York, but his mother returned to her home town of Cambridge, UK when his father died. It means he only gets to see her once a year, around Christmas, when he flies the hundreds of miles to be by her side in the nursing home. Ioan, one of her carers, makes things easier for them, and soon Colton realises his visits are about more than just his mother.

Life Support
follows Casey as he tries to get a handle on the unwanted attention of one of his colleagues. Feeling scared for his safety, he enlists the help of Luke to train him in evasive manoeuvres. They grow closer, though many things are thrown in their path, not least is the harassment Casey is still receiving. When things go too far, Luke has to help find Casey before the unthinkable happens.

MM romances where love wins over everything. Everyone is welcome at Crush.

Content warning: please see the trigger warnings in the front of the book

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