Crush Collection Volume 3: Books 7 to 9 – eBook Edition


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Crush is not just a bar…it’s a family.

Volume 3 contains:

Covert Strength shows the strength of love cannot be denied. Zak is a newly single father, who wants nothing more than a one night stand to take away some of the loneliness. When that one night turns into more than he bargained for, he struggles to cope. Kenzo tries to be everything to everyone; his previous military position calls for no less, but when the columns of support begins to crumble, who can help him stay strong?

Love Scene follows Samuel as he begins to realise how much he is missing from his life. Stressed by work, home and everything in between, Samuel finds relief in the one thing he hadn’t understood he needed: having a Daddy. When Eric, a high flying celebrity, brings out Samuel’s little side, no one is more surprised than Samuel. Life is never easy, though, and it gets in the way, causing more problems than solutions until Eric gives Samuel the ultimate sacrifice.

Lawful Attraction provides the story of Logan and Bastien. Logan is a police detective, and Bastien a dancer, but when Logan witnesses something he shouldn’t, he can’t help himself. Bastien continues to make ends meet with his several jobs, but when he’s placed in a situation he never asked for, he dances for his life. From that moment on, Bastien is thrust into Logan’s world, and neither expects their lives to entwine, but they can’t resist temptation.

MM romances where love wins over everything. Everyone is welcome at Crush.

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