Deep Down (Crush Series Book 4) – eBook & Paperback Edition


What happens when he realises he’s living a lie?

Balance is important for Craig. It keeps his life ticking along without incident. His life is not as picture perfect as it appears from the outside, and when he has to be patched up at the hospital several times, people begin to talk. But what are they talking about? His boyfriend is his rock, his life, his…abuser? It doesn’t make sense.

A busy hospital is Alex’s dream. It’s where he is most comfortable, and his social life suffers because of it. When he has to deal with a patient who appears ignorant of the signs of abuse, he can’t leave it alone. Alex is able to heal Craig’s body, but nothing makes Craig see what’s right in front of him.

When Alex does reach out, Craig’s boyfriend sees him as a threat, and Craig’s carefully balanced life falls apart – under the fists of the man who has promised to love him.

Can love heal all wounds, or does the brain need time to catch up with the heart?

This is an MM romance about hurt/comfort, but includes a male domestic abuse storyline.
*This book contains sensitive material that could be a trigger for some*

Crush is a series of standalones novels with crossover characters. You do not need to read them in order.

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