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Joey is hiding. Hiding from his family. Hiding from his friends. And especially hiding from the media. But when he finds himself aided by a man who was supposed to be a one-night stand, he can’t summon the energy to fight.

Ethan knows nothing about Joey. Other than that he’s good in bed. Welcoming this stranger into his house probably wasn’t his wisest choice, but there’s something about him. He’s trusting his instincts, and they haven’t let him down yet.

When Ethan finds out the truth and the media come calling, Joey expects to be shoved to the curb. But Ethan surprises him – which shouldn’t surprise him at all. Ethan never does what any other person would. He’s a law unto himself.

And just what Joey needs.

Joey is a BDSM story about two men who take a chance and reap the rewards.

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4 reviews for Joey – Paperback Edition

  1. Jen

    Ethan finds Joey at a local bar where Ethan is the local and Joey is a mystery. There’s instant chemistry that’s both hot and tender. Ethan is beyond pleased when he finds that Joey is a Dom. Their banter is cute, their sex is HOT! But it’s a one night stand, so Joey leaves once the fun is over. It doesn’t take much for Ethan to find Joey sleeping in his vehicle, and he offers for Joey to stay with him, even gets him a handyman job at the hotel where Ethan works reception.

    Much of the story centers on the growing relationship between our two MCs, and how difficult a future together seems when their two homes are hundreds of miles apart and their real lives even further apart than that. We meet Joey’s co-worker/friends and Ethan’s friends, and both MC’s families. These secondary characters all ring true and fleshed out. Even though I guess you could say this is an insta-love story, because the two MCs have a lot of time together and are good communicators, it doesn’t feel too rushed. Each character expresses both strength and vulnerability, humor, and care. I cheered Joey and Ethan on, for sure!

    There’s also a little mystery going on. After all, something made Joey leave his home and business for some regrouping time. This part of the story…meh. It seems a little too much to believe, was a bit confusing. The thing is, it mostly doesn’t matter. I enjoyed the love story, BDSM relationship, and friend/family banter, pretty much disregarding the other stuff, and that means I can still totally recommend this first book in the new series! I can’t wait to see the secondary characters here get their stories front and center, all while catching glimpses of our adorable and hot Joey and Ethan!

    I was fortunate enough to get an ARC from the author, but I am voluntarily leaving this review.

  2. Sandy Johnson

    Ethan and Joey were a breath of fresh air for me. I was in a reading slump and could not find a way out. I loved this story and could not put it down. I am so looking forward to the next book in this series. I received an ARC of this book and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

  3. Raven

    This story caught my attention from the moment Ethan and Joey met in that bar. The connection these two feel is instantly more than just one night and neither one is willing to let it go. But Ethan has something that he needs to deal with. One thing is for certain, Ethan won’t let him go through it alone! They both need each other’s strength and it was beautifully written. I love the folks at Life in Ink too. Talk about found family. That is one of my favorite tropes. Found family and a dose of hurt/comfort right here. This book is worth a read!

    “I don’t deserve you.” “Yes, you do. And I deserve you. We deserve each other because we’re perfect for each other. Nothing can stop us from happening. Nothing.”

  4. Heather MMRomancereviewed

    Joey is a strangers to lovers, one night stand story that takes you on an adventure as Joey hides his identity but not his true self from Ethan. The love story kindles as Ethan accepts Joey with kindness and passion, and they reap the rewards of a compatible BDSM relationship. Of course, since it’s Elouise East, there’s also a sub-plot of intrigue and suspense that holds your interest and adds dimension to the story!

    Well paced and thoroughly enjoyable, I can’t wait for Beck’s book to come out and continue the story…

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