Life Support (Crush Series Book 6) – eBook & Paperback Edition

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What do they have left when their safety and self-worth are compromised?

Casey’s usually bubbly, cheeky demeanour is diminished by sexual harassment from a colleague. Becoming scared for his safety, he seeks out a trainer to teach him how to escape. Withholding the secret is stifling, but there’s no other option if he wants to keep his job. Spilling the secret to an almost stranger changes his life in a way he never thought possible.

Luke spends his time training people in physical evasive tactics. He loves his job but feels inferior to his more successful siblings. How can he compete with lawyers, police officers and teachers? When Casey comes to him for training, Luke knows he’s hiding a secret. Finally, Casey confides in him, and it leads to something neither planned for.

Can they win the fight against people who bring them down?

This is book 6 of the Crush series, but all books can be read as standalones.

*This book may contain scenes that are triggering for some people. Please read the author note inside the book.

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1 review for Life Support (Crush Series Book 6) – eBook & Paperback Edition

  1. Mandy Parmenter

    ** Trigger warning for sexual assault and consent issues. I really enjoyed this story with the tortured Casey, the strong but feeling inadequate Luke and how they found a way forward together. I loved the way that family and friends all came together to help and protect them both. It was easy to read, feel and understand then characters and the story in general. The assault and abuse were carefully told in a respectful manner. Contains mature MM content.

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