Love Me Daddy (Daddy Series Book 1) – Paperback and eBook Edition


An MM low angst Daddy/boy story

Being homeless makes finding a safe Daddy experience difficult, which is confirmed when Nathan is injured after calling out the word during a liaison. When Loren steps in to help, Nathan lets the man take charge, but he won’t ask for what he really needs, not when the reaction could be so extreme.

With many failed relationships in his past, Loren yearns for the perfect boy to cherish, but it’s a fantasy in more ways than one. Nathan’s vulnerability calls to his protective instincts, but he refuses to cross the line until he finds Nathan’s need is very real.

When Loren assumes control, they explore their way through this new dynamic, and Nathan needs to decide if he’s going to be Daddy’s good boy or not.

Meeting in imperfect circumstances, Nathan and Loren end up being exactly what the other needs.

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