Out of the Frying Pan (Love in Flames Book 1) – eBook & Paperback Edition

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An MM romance about new starts and taking a chance.

When Dean was unwittingly outed as gay at his previous fire station, things became uncomfortable. So when he heard rumours of a station that welcomed everyone without exclusion, he jumped at the chance of a transfer. The trouble with moving was that he didn’t know anyone, and he refused to become a burden by accepting daily invites from his boss. Finding Nourris Moi was a stroke of luck, and it soon became his haven.

Oliver’s dream of owning a restaurant had come true, and after three years, he was finally turning a profit. Nourris Moi was his life, and he had no time for anything else – so he’d been told. When a certain firefighter became a firm fixture at one of his tables, the quiet and reserved newcomer caught his attention despite his determination to focus on his business. Someone strikes out at him, and he’s left clinging to what could’ve been.

When everything appears lost, Oliver finds out who has his back and who doesn’t.

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1 review for Out of the Frying Pan (Love in Flames Book 1) – eBook & Paperback Edition

  1. Mandy Parmenter

    This was just such a sweet love story between two very busy people who were able to find ways to make everything work. I think Dean was the key to that as he did as much as he could to support Oliver. The guys at the station were great and it was a joy to see such supportive colleagues working together. Easy to read, feel and understand I was thrilled that they found each other and happiness. Contains mature content in an MM relationship.

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