Primary Seduction (Crush Series Book 3) – eBook & Paperback Edition


Will their differences be too vast, or can opposites truly attract?

Trent is being pulled in too many directions when all he wants to do is lose himself in someone for a night. His ex-wife wants to take him for every penny, his two kids are too busy to see him. Meeting Max confuses everything, including his heart. When Max calls him for help, Trent doesn’t hesitate, even when it throws him into a lifestyle he has no idea about.

Max has everything he’s ever wanted: own business, membership to an exclusive BDSM club, friends to socialise with. So why is he pining for a man who is not only straight, but that he has nothing in common with? He has no choice but to call Trent when he’s beaten and left for dead. When Trent arrives, their lives are irrevocably changed.

Are they able to see past their contrasting personalities to try for a future?

This is an MM romance with an age gap, hurt/comfort and sexual awakening.

Crush is a series of standalones novels with crossover characters. You do not need to read them in order.

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