Protecting his Heart (Guarding Royalty Book 2) – Paperback Edition


Their hearts have been broken too many times.

Owen had never wanted a fancy job, he just wanted to be able to take care of his family. Losing his heart to his best friend was something he’d never expected but was inevitable, nonetheless. Despite the ups and downs of their childhood, when Evan moved to Italy after Owen made a huge mistake, Owen was shell shocked. He focused on protecting the royal family and keeping his feelings to himself. It was the only way he could take another breath…and another.
One thousand miles wasn’t far enough to run from his heart, but Evan couldn’t bring himself to go any further. Or stay away for more than a few years. His family and friends lure him back, but it’s one person alone he needs and cannot stay away from any longer. With a lot to answer for and many apologies to make, he’s not sure where to start. But when things get dicey, they have each other’s back – even if it ends up being the last thing they do.

He has no chance of protecting his heart because it already belongs to his best friend, but how do they survive when someone doesn’t want them to?
Protecting his Heart is a kinky, second chance romance with a grieving bodyguard and a childhood best friend who knows him better than anyone else.

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