Protecting His Life (Guarding Royalty Book 4) – eBook Edition


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When he loses everything, what does he have left?

Brett has a highly stressful job, but he loves it and the people he works for. His family, however, have made their feelings clear about his career choice. The people who depend on him have been targeted by someone trying to take them out, but so far, they’ve kept one step ahead. But now, as clues point towards someone closer to home, he turns to the one person who has never let him down.

Felix has been in love with his boss since the day he started working for him. It’s unrequited, but Felix can’t help but torture himself every day. He doesn’t have any intention of leaving. At least until someone physically removes him from the vicinity, and when all hope is lost, he clings to the memories of Brett and the whispers of what-ifs.

When one of their own is taken, they’ll take down anyone to get them back.

Protecting his Life is a kinky, friends to lovers romance with a security boss who doesn’t believe anyone would want him with his past and a cheerful computer genius who wants anything and everything his boss will give him.

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