Secrets in his Eyes

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Having suffered the most imaginable pain a child could – the murders of their parents – Alek and Peter spend their lives in each other’s pockets, too scared of losing the one person who means so much to them. Each other.

Their feelings change over the years, and it becomes harder to keep a lid on it. Their eyes hold the weight of secrets, but neither crosses the line…until Alek realises they’re living half a life when they could be whole. They have to decide if they should finally go their separate ways…or go forward. Together.

But can they let go of their lifelong concerns? After all, they’re older now. They should know better.

An MM brothers taboo romance with older characters.

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1 review for Secrets in his Eyes

  1. Cajuncheryl

    Thank you for the ARC, I voluntarily give it an honest review. Older now, Alek an Peter both have come to realize somewhere along the way feeling have mixed into a deeper connection. Waiting to see which would break first was so seat gripping, but so worthy of the wait.
    Now first off, Alek is blameless for the judgmental mind set of his ex wife. That lays straight on her shoulders the wrongs when leaving. Aww, we get to see the Ford and Tyler again.

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