Spoil Me, Daddy (Daddy Series Book 3) – Paperback and eBook Editions


An MM low angst, Daddy/boy romance

Can Daddy help his boy become who he’s always wanted to be?

Zaire split his life in two when an argument broke his family apart. Unwilling to risk it happening again, he hides part of himself depending on his situation. It’s only at home he can be who he wants to be without repercussion. He wants – no, needs – a Daddy to settle him, soothe him, spoil him.

Aaron has been searching for a boy for years. Some have come close, but none have completed him in the way he needs. His hopes for a life full of laughter and caring is overshadowed by a lack of boys within their community. He wants a boy to spoil. To love. To cherish. A chance encounter ends with a verbal reprimand, a second coincidental meeting shows them what’s right in front of them, and the third time’s a charm. Right?

Are they willing to let go of their preconceived notions and allow the other person to fill a gap in their lives?

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