The Complete Daddy Series Box Set – Paperback and eBook Edition


The Daddy series is full of standalone books, where you can read how Daddies and boys find their HEA even when the road is bumpy along the way. They have nothing left to lose, why not take the chance?


Love Me, Daddy is a heartwarming tale of being at the right place at the right time and taking a chance on someone. Just because Nathan is homeless doesn’t mean he’s up to no good. Street living is hard, but he does what he needs to. When Loren decides to help him out of a situation, he realises he could have something he never thought he’d be able to.

Soothe Me, Daddy tells the journey of two work colleagues, who try to keep things platonic, but things don’t quite go to plan. Henley is new to the job, but he’s quick to learn and a total charmer, whereas Isaac has been doing the job for a long time and prefers to stick to the rules. Apart they’re indispensable, but together they’re combustible.

Spoil Me, Daddy is a story of fate and coincidence and being willing to fight for what you believe in. Zaire has been hurt many times in the past, so he’s been living two separate lives. When he meets Aaron, he chooses to have what he’s always wanted and what they both yearn for, but someone doesn’t agree with their decisions.

(You can also purchase each book separately here or as a bundle here instead of a box set.)

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