Trust Him (Boys, Daddies, Snuggles & More Book 2) – Paperback Edition


How can he trust someone he met on a dating app?

Toby has been searching for a Daddy for so long. After being hurt by someone who was supposed to protect him, he’s scared to trust. He’s never stepped inside a kink club. Ever. But how else can he find what he’s looking for? DaddyG’s blog helps, reminding him he’s not alone, and when he gets talking to DaddyG’s boy, Toby finds a kindred spirit. He can do this. He can. He should be able to. Oh, heck. Who is he kidding?

Ollie’s future seems lonely. Every boy he’s had a relationship with fizzles out after a few weeks or months. He has so much to give the right person, but how can he find them? When DaddyG announces his new dating app, hoping to unite boys and Daddies all over the country, Ollie signs up immediately. Within days, he’s matched with a younger boy, and after talking for a short time, they agree to meet.
When Toby turns up with DaddyG and his boy in tow, Ollie doesn’t know what to think. But after he finds out what Toby has been through, he’s ready to lay himself bare so Toby can trust him.

How can Ollie help Toby let go of the past to give them the future they both deserve?

Trust Him is a Daddy/boy book with a boy who’s scared to open up and be himself, a Daddy who has never dealt with trust issues before, and newfound ‘dating app’ friends who remind them just what they’re fighting for.

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