When Hungers Collide

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Three sides of an unexpected triangle linked by blood, chance and love.

Carter has kept his feelings secret for years. He resigned himself to his fantasies long ago, but sleeping in a bed with his sons has always been something he’s done to comfort them, even as they grew old enough to do so themselves. It’s getting harder to hide those feelings every day, and he needs to find a solution.

Ridley and Hunter are two sides of the same coin. Ridley is more emotional and anxious, whereas Hunter is the strength. Neither can manage without the other for long, and after having shared the same bed since birth, when one is away, the other struggles with the separation and sleeps beside their dad.

When Ridley wakes with his father wrapped around him after a drunken night, he considers the possibilities, and they, eventually, cross the line.

But how can they keep Hunter from finding out? Or do they need to?

An MM father/twins taboo romance.

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7 reviews for When Hungers Collide

  1. Heather MMRomancereviewed

    If you’re a taboo fan, you’ll want to add this book to your collection… a father and son cross the line the day after a drunken cuddle… and then the other twin walks in on them… spicy, with good communication and some cameos from the other Collide couples. If I have a criticism, it’s I want more… but isn’t that always the case.

  2. Jamie

    When Hungers Collide is part of the Collide series by Elouise R. East. This book is only for you is you like taboo romances. The story is about Carter, Hunter and Ridley. Carter is Hunter and Ridley’s, who are twins, father. I liked their story. It was very spicy and sweet.

  3. Sandy

    A very well written Taboo story. Very spicy and wonderful communications between the three. This is the first book in this series that I have read and I was able to fallow along easily.

  4. KSu

    Ahhhh I need more of Carter (father, 50s), Ridley and Hunter (twins, 35). The story was too short, I need more smut too lol

    This was a pretty well-balanced book with plot, smut, angst, small conflict, and wholesome feels. I’m so glad we got to meet all the other couples from the previous Collide books again. Seeing them all come together and interact was so cute and wholesome.

    I’m so excited for the next Collide book. I wonder if it’ll be a new couple/throuple (filling the newly empty manager position, perhaps?), or would we get a collective book of all the couples while they are in Spain? Can’t wait for the next in the series!

  5. Kassandra Knight

    I loved it. 🥰

    Loved all the spicy scenes 🥵🔥💦 and seeing the old gang again.

    Can be read as a stand-alone but would definitely be best read in order, that being said, you could read them in any order but some or all couples show up in different books.

    Highly recommend.

    I received a free copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  6. FHR

    Carter has suppressed the way he feels towards his twins boys for a long time. When a night of drinking leads to a change in dynamic between him in Ridley it doesn’t take much for them to get Hunter on board as well.
    As they explore what can be between them they learn about the world around them and find a safe place to explore and be themselves as well.
    A good taboo read that allows us to catch up with previous characters all while going on a journey of HEA with these trio of characters.

  7. Sarah Mitcham

    MM, Father/Twins, Taboo. Book five in the series reads well as a standalone with some cameo appearances from other characters from the series. A steamy page-turner with a fast moving plot, enjoyable read.

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