Treehouse Whispers – Benji & Jamie

They have known each other forever… But they still have one secret left.

Jamie has always been by Benji’s side: neighbour, best friend and co-owner of their very own treehouse. But Benji wants things he has never dared ask for from his best friend: his love. Not wanting to risk their friendship, Benji throws himself into being the best friend he can be, despite his limitations.

Is thirty-three too old to realise the man of your dreams has been right next to you all along?

A short friends-to-lovers sweet romance.

Please note: this is an extended and re-edited version of a giveaway story from February 2020

Star Crossed – Grant & Emerson

An MM romance about choice, love and passion.

Love arrives when two men least expect it… but when they most need it.

Grant just wants to live his own life without his family’s meddling, so when his dream job comes up in New York, he grabs it with both hands. He didn’t expect to find the one thing he never believed he could have… a teacher with a heart of gold.

To Emerson, family is chosen, not blood. His father doesn’t deserve that title. After choosing a career to help those with the same educational needs as himself, he finds himself studying harder than ever… with the help from a shy librarian who makes everything seem brighter in his world.

Can they be what each other needs or will family obligations tear them apart?

Protecting the Thief – George & Jesse

Suspenseful Seduction World novel

A new meaning to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer…

Ever since the death of his younger brother, Jesse, otherwise known as Robin, has become an expert in his job: finding and locating lost or stolen artefacts. Sometimes, his work is legal, other times…not so much. Flying across the Atlantic for a job he couldn’t refuse brings more than he bargained for. When he receives a death threat, he has no choice but to allow Trident Security to protect him – or rather the gruff former military man he’d been assigned.

George can’t believe he was on babysitting duty for a thief. Hidden away in the middle of nowhere, no one should’ve been able to find them. Unfortunately, their opposition is more well trained than they anticipated. Despite their emotions running high, keeping Jesse safe is George’s priority. But can he do that when his trust in himself is shaken?

What happens when those you trust become the ones who are gunning for you?

Sizzling Chauffeur – Louis & Mal

Cocky Hero Club novel

Coincidence or fate? Either way, there will be no second guesses…

Louis wants what his parents had: all encompassing love. He never believed he’d find it until a chance meeting with a man in his childhood vacation spot. Unfortunately, a brief encounter is all they have before Mal disappears. When Louis unexpectedly meets up with him again, he refuses to let go, not willing to trust that fate would allow them to meet a third time. 

Mal doesn’t begrudge becoming guardian to his sister, but nothing will ever be the same. Especially when he meets the man of his dreams on vacation days before his life is turned upside down. Leaving Louis was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do, but he can’t allow someone to get too close and upset the precarious balance of his new responsibilities. However, Fate has other plans. 

Does Louis have what it takes to change Mal’s mind?

Triplicity – Oliver, Grffin & Xan

Oliver and Griffin have been married for years. They’ve agreed to an open relationship to get what they both need as long as it’s within the walls of Club Royal and there’s nothing more than play. When Oliver watches Griffin play with Xan, he realises his husband has fallen in love with the sub. What can Oliver do to keep Griffin by his side?

This is an MMM romance with BDSM scenes and a happily ever after.

A Home for Barney – Liam & Troy

Liam has had his fill of handlers pretending to be who they’re not – decent. When the owner of The Den announces several pet and handler taster sessions for the upcoming Windsor Pride Festival, Liam jumps at the chance. But he won’t fall in love. It hurts too much.

Troy has watched Liam from a distance, too shy to approach despite being a handler. But he gets his chance when he’s paired with Liam for the event – or rather Barney, a pup with a playful attitude who can melt Troy’s heart with just one look.

With Liam’s heart locked behind his puppy playsuit, what can Troy do to prove they’re perfect for each other?

A Home for Barney is part of the Pride Pet Play 2023 multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not check them all out? If you like playful pets who are sometimes naughty, Pride parades, and Daddy’s who love their boys unconditionally, you’ll fall in love with our pack!

Mattie – A Single Dads of Gaynor Beach novel

Three single dads looking for love that is right before their eyes.

Mattie’s life is as perfect as it could be without a partner. The one person he wants is oblivious, but he doesn’t want to rock the boat and change how things are. When his life irrevocably changes by the appearance of a baby on his doorstep, he calls in his best friend to help. After all, Jordan had a child of his own; he knows what to do. Right?

Jordan’s life is as perfect as it could be minus a lover or two. His best friend, Mattie, is amazing; his ex is amicable, which is great as they have an eight-year-old son together; and he loves his job. Helping Mattie with his newfound daughter is a dream come true, and their bond grows into more with this new dynamic, but why does it feel incomplete?

Bray’s life is as perfect as it could be while withholding himself from the truth. He’s retired military, loves being outside, and when it comes to children, has a heart the size of all the oceans put together. He creates wooden toys for the children’s hospital, and when Jordan comes asking for help for his son’s new hobby, he can’t say no. Throw in Mattie and his beautiful daughter, and it’s more than he can resist.

But merging three separate lives into one cohesive family is harder than it seems.

Mattie is an MMM romance in the Single Dads of Gaynor Beach series. It follows a shy lingerie shop owner, a wild but adventurous lifeguard, and a rough and ready woodworker as they work their way through the trials of a new triad relationship.

Protecting Jason

Jason doesn’t have the strength to fight his stepfather for a happy life, so, to stop the man from turning his fists and words to his younger siblings, he takes the brunt of his anger himself. He vows to get those children away from him as soon as possible. Then, when there is one bruise too many for his best friend eyes, they come up with a plan for a fake boyfriend for Jason—someone who’s really a bodyguard.

Darius doesn’t get asked to the royal family’s domain often, but he doesn’t say no when he is. Being asked to be a fake boyfriend is far from usual, but he’s happy to do it if it means he gets to spend time—and protect—the man he can’t stop staring at. When things don’t quite go the way Jason hopes, Darius offers another option. One that might backfire. But with Darius at his side, Jason finds more strength than he ever thought possible.

And maybe, he might’ve found the one person who could give him his happily ever after.

This is an MM bodyguard romance that spans both the Club Royal and Guarding Royalty series.